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What is Anycard?

Anycard is a mobile application which let you digitalise and store cards on your phone so that you do not have to choose which card to keep in your wallet. Basic information of a card remains in keep, moreover, your card is empowered by additional functions such as sending messages, reminder notification, news broadcasting, updated card information, card expiry date notification, etc.

What type of cards can be added to Anycard?

For the first version, Anycard provides 3 card types:

  • Business card which you can create, edit and share.
  • Other cards to store card information such as card number, ID number, expiration date.
  • Social Security Office (SSO) card allows you to check out your contribution balance, dental balance and insured rights anytime.

Can Anycard be used as physical card?

To use Anycard as a replacement of physical card is dependent upon each card provider’s policy. Basically, Anycard focuses on providing a service to store card information in the app and have you notified of what is important for you and is set once you create a card.

What is EmpCard?

EmpCard is a Digital Employee Card stored in Anycard application to replace traditional employee card, enhanced with Empathic Innovation to create employee engagement and increase productivity within organization.

Does a card recipient need to install Anycard?

We recommend a recipient to install Anycard to to enjoy its simplicity and get full benefits from its additional functions. Anyhow, recipient can also simply save information to contact book without installing Anycard.

Who should use Anycard?

Anycard is for everyone who use cards on a daily basis because every card can be added to Anycard for more convenience.

What is the difference between registered and unregistered user?

User can use Anycard without registration yet, unlike like registered member, non-registered user will not be able to sync his/her cards across devices.

Is card information safe?

Every card information is stored on the server with strong encryption. And your information will not be published or used outside of the Privacy Policy.


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