Mywallet Company Limited, the service provider of ANYCARD application, collectively refers as “Company”, “we”, “us”, “our” or “ANYCARD” may collect your personal information which is made into a privacy policy informing the methods of your personal information handling as follows:

1. Collection of Personal Information
“Personal Information” refers to your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) used online which can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context; including, but not limited to name, nationality, address, telephone number, fax number, personal interests, email, photos, official identification number, biometric, race, ethnics, date of birth, marital status, religion, health information, and / or any other information you brought in in order to generate cards or using the services on ANYCARD platform.

We collect your personal information through our websites and applications as necessary for the purposes of the company and its partners. Therefore, we are obligated to inform you and obtain your consent before collecting your personal information. ANYCARD will keep the aforementioned information confidential.
You can choose whether to consent your personal information or not. However, if you choose not to provide your personal information, ANYCARD services will not be able to function and be operated further. Hence, you can deny the use of application by uninstalling it from your mobile phone / digital device immediately.

Disclosed information such as race, ethnic, political opinions, religion, philosophy, sexual behavior, criminal history, health records, disability, labor union, genetic data will only be collected under your consent. (In case the company uses such information for labor protection, social security, insurances, employee medical benefits or as requested by government agencies on the matters related to the safety of your life, health and property related.)

2. Information collected when you use our services.
We may collect your personal information through several means, for instance:
2.1 When you start login or register to “Profile” to access the services on ANYCARD platform, we will request you to provide necessary information for service operation by prompting you to fill in the following information:–

• Your phone number is required as ANYCARD may send short messages to you in order to keep your account protected, to enhance fraud detection and protection from misuses and exploitation, if any; consequently, the service will not be available without your permission. We may also use this registered phone number to send you important service information.
• Personal history
• Contact information (e.g. email, address of establishment)
• Store location information as well as other information that is required to operate and/or the user enters in the aforesaid information into the system, etc.
• You are informed that profile information and user-generated content that is personally shared with others can be copied, stored or published by the recipient of such contents. And it is also possible that such contents will be reached by third parties whom you do not intend to be your recipients due to the condition of being digital information, we urge you to act cautiously and carefully when you create and share your personal information or content with others.
2.2 When you contact us for information, the company may request your information such as your name, email address, phone number, series of your digital devices, physical address, including further information that is required in order to solve the problem and/or to receive a service.
2.3 The company may store a Log Files, log of your site / application visits, such as IP address, access time, etc. If you choose to share your location, the company will receive your location information and / or IP address automatically, also, when you respond or service (for example, opening app, visit our website, etc.) If you have chosen to enable background location access for ANYCARD, you allow us to collect information about you eventhough you are not using the application or when the application is not in use (as permitted by your device settings).

The company uses a number of technologies to determine device’s location, such as location services of available operating systems or browsers and sensor data of the device; for example, magnetometer, beacon, bluetooth, navigation data, Wi-Fi access point, GPS data, cell site, and other information that may help you reach your precise location.
2.4 We collect and gather additional information when you use our services. For example, we receive information involving:
• Interaction with customers, such as keywords, the pages you visit, the amount of times of access, the time you spend visiting each page, your IP address, landing pages or any message you write to other users or posts.
• Notification messages about benefits or services (Notification), this Notification is a place and in ANYCARD where user sends and receives content created by user including merchant and/or entity account (Official Account or Exclusive Partner) and other information in ANYCARD ( collectively, the “Official Account” on the consent information screen and in the alert message) which partners and agencies represent in their businesses.
• Text, images, video, etc. (Content), which is posted or emailed to an individual or Official Account or Exclusive Partner Account and received date / time, data format, Data access URL, etc., when sending the content.
• Payment information in case that you purchase an item charges or additional service charges and pay for such item or additional service from the channels other than in-app purchase through the iTunes or Google Play application. We may allow third party service providers to collect and process your credit card information. We will only use your credit card information to process your purchases or make use of paid services. You are informed that the company will not store your credit card information beyond the time necessary to facilitate the payment. Your credit card payment will be processed by the appropriate third party payment agency.
• The information which is managed by the third parties for the purpose of providing services at your best interests, ANYCARD may obtain your personal information from the third parties. By receiving such information, there may be cases where personal information is partially retrieved from a partner who provides certain services as well as there may be cases which personal information is fully retrieved from partners who provide services associated with the account when logging into ANYCARD. Also, personal information retrieval from other services if you use any service connected to the third party. We may automatically issue an internal code to connect your personal information to such services and share the same with the particular third party.
• Device information, such as hardware series, operating system and its version, unique ID and unique device identifier, user activity monitoring (UAM), browser type, language and wireless network, mobile device name, and the mobile applications installed.
• Information collected through cookies and other technologies such as cookie ID, advertising ID or other advertising ID, web navigation, data storage device. You can control the type of cookies through your browser settings and other tools. You may turn off location services at any time from the settings on your device and choosing to turn off location on your device.
2.5 Cookies in the company website and applications may be used in some cases. Cookies are small files that store information that is exchanged between your computer and our website. We solely use cookies to collect useful information for your convenience for the next time you the next time you return to our website.
When you use our web browser service You can set to Accept all cookies or Reject all cookies or Notify you when cookies are being sent. You can go to settings in the “Help” menu of your browser to learn how to change your use of cookies. Be aware that disabling cookies may affect your use of some services, you can review our Cookie Policy for more information.

Personal information may be collected through the normal operation of our applications, websites and services, for example:
• Your position (To detect the check-in point and be notified of promotions or other notifications)
• Feedback, assessment and compliment
• Transaction information (such as discounts and offers usages, being a member of a partner)
• Information about the response to your app collection sites or services of the Company (such as the use of features ( Feature) or viewing content).
• Device information (such as device model,device ID, IP address, file name, operating system version and advertising identification or any information that can identify the device or the change of the application ).
• The personal information you enter via in-app communication feature.

From other sources
We may collect your personal information available on public sources or from other sources such as
· Referral Program (Referral)
• Business partner of the company
• From public sources
• From government sources
• When a user identifies you as an emergency contact

Sensitive personal information
Some of the information we collect may be considered sensitive. This includes identification number, race, marital status, health records or religious beliefs. We will lawfully collect the aforesaid information as needed in order to comply with Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act, 2019.

Personal information of minors
As a parent or legal guardian, do not allow minors under your supervision to provide us his/her personal information without your approval. In the event that personal information of a minor has been provided to the company, you consent to our processing of such minor’s personal data and agree and permit to be bound by this policy and will be responsible for the actions of minors under your supervision.
When you provide personal information of others to the company
In some cases, you may provide personal information relating to another person (such as a spouse, family member, or friends) to the company; for example, you may provide information about a third party or another person as an emergency contact. If you provide such information to the company, you represent and warrant that you have consented to such collection, use and disclosure of such personal information as described in this policy.

3. Period of retention of personal information
The company will collect personal information about you within the period necessary for the purposes of services being provided as long as the company keeps such personal information with reasonable security measures to prevent unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, duplication, modification, disposal of information or risk of the same nature without permission.

4.Purpose of Collection of Personal Information
We will not use your personal information on other activities other than the objectives specified in our privacy policy. We collect your personal information for the following purposes: —
4.1 For supporting your usages on our functional features; for developing, providing and improving the company’s services.
• To provide you our services or other services by allowing you to send your own user-generated content to other ANYCARD users.
• To allow you to use your ANYCARD account on multiple devices and to transfer your ANYCARD account to another device.
• To help you find people you know who are already an ANYCARD user so you can connect.
• To allow other ANYCARD users to connect to you through the ANYCARD app in accordance with the agreement.
• To be able to sync your ANYCARD account with other applications, ANYCARD affiliated company, ANYCARD’s business partner by sharing data between applications that you use.
• To receive our services, be assisted on reported issue fixing, be at your service efficiently responding to requests and enquiries or further assistance as required.
• So that the company can provide customer support services Respond to your inquiries and requests efficiently.
• To conduct user surveys.
• To inform you of any other important information relating to our services or additional services as necessary.
• To identify the winner of the contest in various promotional activities, deliver the prize or purchased items/services.
• To collect metadata about our services and additional services for the statistical purposes
4.2 To comply with applicable law or legal obligations for securing the services or preventing unauthorized use.
o To verify your identity
o To monitor, detect and prevent unauthorized or fraudulent use of the services or in any other malicious way.
o To enable self-conducted inspection or to be inform of any unauthorized use
4.3 To compile information into the company database or statistic information about a sum of website visitors.
4.4 For business partners or authorized agencies to be able to utilize the information for decision-makings on matters related to the safety of your health, life and property.

Other actions for which you have given your consent
4.5 For the purpose of personalizing or publishing advertisements.
• To inform you of the advertisements of the services or information created by ANYCARD, our affiliated companies; and / or ANYCARD’s business partners.
• To improve and / or develop services for your best benefits.
• To measure the effectiveness of the advertisements that the company displays on the internet or in other media .
• However, you can learn more details and purposes of use at
• In case that the company requests for your personal information or by other means. Such notice will not supersede the general use purposes set out in clause 4.1 of this Privacy Policy, yet additionally included.

The company will use your personal information as you have provided to fulfill your will of receiving the services and having transactions processed in accordance with this policy agreement between you and the company. We will not use your personal information consented for any purpose other than those stated when collecting such information.

5. Disclosure of personal information
The company will not disclose your personal information to the third parties except in the following cases: —
5.1 With the consent of the data subject
Exceptions are as permitted under this Privacy Policy. The company will only share your personal information under your consent, for example:
· If you consent or authorize a third party application to access your ANYCARD account, the company may share information with that third party application . You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us. At this time, we will inform the third parties and partners to withdraw your personal information; however, we do not guarantee the reliability of the third-party applications other than ANYCARD’s applications.
· From time to time, we may set a contest and / offer you some benefits through Customer Service Department. In these cases The company cooperates with third parties to provide prizes and / or benefits. If you enter a contest or are eligible for benefits The company will only share your contact information or other necessary information.
Other time
We may share your information if we believe such disclosure is necessary to comply with law or legal process, including laws outside your country of residence; or to protect the rights, assets or safety of ANYCARD, its employees, customer service, etc.
We may share your information as part or for the forecast of business sales. Change in control related to restructuring, business transaction and/or similar corporate activity.
Set and share locations
Certain features and functions in our application may require you to provide your location. If you enable location services each time you open and use or interact with ANYCARD (such as written reviews or check in at the restaurant or take surveys to earn points or receive other benefits) on your mobile device. The company collects and uses location information from your mobile device (such as latitude and longitude) to customize services which best suit your current location (for example, ANYCARD will list nearby locations or to invite you to participate in a survey). We will only process your location with your consent. If you enable persistent background location data by giving us permission through your device’s location settings and in privacy settings, ANYCARD will receive the location of your device even if you are not directly interacting with the application.
Each Share through service provided on ANYCARD platform will be recorded in your “Share History” if you decide to delete your information for any reason. Your account and information will not be permanently deleted unless it is requested to be removed.
5.2 Court order, authorized official or law to disclose such information
We need to pass on your personal information between affiliates. To provide services to you effectively and achieve the objectives, the information that may be forwarded includes customer name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, company (organization) name, job title, and sales-related information. Such information will be disclosed for service purposes only.
The company’s website may contain links to other websites. Be advised that the company will not responsible for the privacy practices used by other websites apart from our own website.

6. Security
The company has appropriate security measures for personal information as follows:
6.1 The company prevents data from being lost, unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of personal information without your permission.
6.2 The company limits authorized persons who have access to personal information to employees, our digital card partners in which you subscribed and use the service who need to know that information in order to process the information. Authorized persons must strictly comply with the confidentiality regulations in accordance with this contract and merchant agreement contract.
6.3 In the event that the company hires other companies to provide services on behalf of the company and assign those companies to be responsible for the handling of personal information The company will select the appropriate subcontractor and require it to sign all necessary agreements regarding the handling of personal information.The company will also take all safety measures as required by law.
6.4 Encryption. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure the safe transmission of your personal information.

7. Rights of the Owner of Information
Personal data subjects have the following rights: in which the personal data subjects can notify the company in writing You can download the Request Form at; fill out the request limits or removal of personal data, stored by ANYCARD and send it back via email. to consent your will.
7.1 Objection or withdrawal of consent–
7.1.1 You have the right to contest or object to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information.
The company will process your request and will no longer collect, disclose, forward or use your personal information as per request.
Regarding withdrawing that consent, there may be some service providers that cannot follow your request without your consent. The company will notify you of the effect of revocation of consent after the company has received the revocation request.
7.2 Accessibility to personal information– You can request a copy of your personal information. The company will deliver personal information to you as requested.
7.3 Correction of personal information– You can request to correct any errors or missing information in your personal information.
7.4 Request for suspension of use or disclosure of personal information.
7.5 Deletion of personal information– You can request the deletion or destruction of your personal information.
7.6 The request to disclose the acquisition of your personal information.

8. Communication
We use your information to communicate with you, including email, text messages, or notification in our application regarding new service notifications, announcements, service updates or anything else the company thinks it may regard your interests. To unsubscribe from communication with ANYCARD, please visit the ANYCARD website and download the request form; fill in the details and send it back to

9. Company Contact
My Wallet Company Limited
No. 7/4 Moo 6 Soi Wat Tha Kwian, Khlong Khoi Subdistrict, Pak Kret District, Nonthaburi Province 11120
Phone: ( 02) 596-0500
Facebook :

– In regard to changes to privacy policy, the company may amend this privacy policy without prior notice by announcing on the website with the date of the last amendment assuming that you accept the changed policy unless your will of objection is submitted through The company will not notify you of such revisions individually.


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